Do you wish to sell through High Rich? You can start a store and run an online business through High Rich!

There are two ways of doing it:

Sell Your Product

Have a your own product?

High Rich can sell it for you!

Our super efficient team will take care of every aspect of product management. From the very first stage of catalogue creation of your product, High Rich manages its entire marketing and advertising functions, especially on the digital platform. We also take care of its warehousing, sale, billing, shipping, delivery and even basic customer support. After each sale, the corresponding amount will be automatically updated to your HR Digital Wallet. Your HR store account will contain a well updated and detailed progress of your each of your product sale.

Leave it all to us. Just earn away!

Invest & Earn

Don’t have a product of your own but still wish to run a successful online business?

Leave it our R&D team!

We have a fully equipped Research & Development team that keeps all their eyes on latest trends of products and their markets with a continually updating database of manufacturers, big and small. Within the scope of your investment, we can provide you an array of best- seller products to choose from, contact the manufacturer and ship it for you. A fixed percentage of every purchase of the product will be distributed to all referrals at 18 referrals above you, exactly like the Re-Purchase Income.

The best part?

Run a business super easy. Take no tension, sweat no stress. Just Earn!